The Ancient and Masonic Order of The Scarlet Cord Provincial Grand Senatus of Surrey
Provincial Officers 2022 – 2023

Provincial Grand Summus R Dist Comp Arnold Long

Provincial Grand Summus
R Dist Comp Arnold Long
Deputy Provincial Grand Summus Dist Comp Nigel Thomson

Deputy Provincial Grand Summus
Dist Comp Nigel Thomson, P.G.Swd.B.
Assistant Provincial Grand Summus Dist Comp Christopher F Hatton, PGSwdB

Assistant Provincial Grand Summus
Dist.Comp. Simon McCarthy
Provincial Grand Recorder Em Comp Christopher W Eley

Provincial Grand Recorder
Dist Comp Christopher W Eley

Dist Comp   Ian A Parsons, P.A.G.D.C.
Episcopus Dist Comp   Ian N Clark, P.G.Swd.B.
Treasurer Dist.Comp   David M Willmott (subject to re-election)
Registrar Em Comp   Robert G Tuthill
Recorder Dist.Comp   Christopher W Eley
D of C Dist Comp   Ian R Bloodworth
Lecturer 1 Dist Comp   Colin M Beerling, P.G.Her.
Lecturer 2 Dist Comp   Harry Smith
Lecturer 3 Dist Comp   John McGriger Norton-Doyle
Lecturer 4 Dist Comp   Alastair Mackenzie
Deputy D of C Dist Comp   A Hall. P.G.St.B.
Herald Em Comp   Leslie Grout
Asst D of C Dist Comp   Mark P Donovan
Sword Bearer Dist Comp   Colin M Beerling
Standard Bearer Comp   Barrie S Selway
Organist Comp   Glyn Harvey
Guarder Dist Comp   John T Coleman
Steward Dist Comp   Hugh J Everitt
Steward Dist Comp   Tamba A John
Steward Em Dist Comp   Alastair Richardson
Sreward Comp   Wally Maynard
Watchman Dist Comp   Mark I J Currans

Provincial Tzaddikim
Captain Comp   Steven R L Rowlands
Deputy Captain Dist Comp   Robert M Anderson
Member Em Comp   Derek M Williamson
Member Em Comp   Graham V Rawlinson
Member Comp   J Martin Dunham
Member Comp   Roger Short
Member Comp   Ian Neve
Member Comp   Alan J Boniface
Member Comp   Robert Short
Member Comp   Jim Turner
Member Comp   Norman Jones
Member Comp   Steve Jones

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