The Ancient and Masonic Order of The Scarlet Cord Provincial Grand Senatus of Surrey
The Consecration of Warlingham Consistory

An Address given by Most Distinguished Companion, Ian S Currans, Grand Summus, at the Consecration of Warllingham Consistory No 134 at Nutfield Masonic Centre on Wednesday 30th October 2019.

Good morning Companions.

Welcome to Nutfield where we are gathered today for another significant Scarlet Cord meeting, to whit the Consecration of Warlingham Consistory. A special welcome to those who have travelled some distance to be here.

Companions, part of the challenge we face when developing one of the smaller Orders is to try and fill gaps on the map where that Order does not exist. So I am delighted that the petitioners have recognised the need for a Consistory in this part of Surrey and thank those that have taken the lead in doing something about it.

I am aware that there is a very successful OSM Conclave of the same name at this centre. Let’s hope that those Secret Monitors, and others, take the Scarlet Cord opportunity they now readily have. Perhaps even matching another Surrey combination, Hill of Zion at Croydon, where come January every OSM member will be in the Scarlet Cord.

Companions, a Consecration is all inclusive. That’s not an illusion to nearby Gatwick Airport where so many package holidays begin. What I mean is everybody participates to a greater or lesser extent. So if your role today is simply to sing and pray, please do that with joy and enthusiasm. Let us all express the hope that this new Consistory takes flight like those jets leaving Gatwick.

So Companions buckle up we are cleared for take off and the Grand Episcopus is at the controls.

M.Dist. Comp. Ian Stanley Currans
Grand Summus
30th October 2019

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